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We pride ourselves on going above and beyond what other house cleaning services offer to safely provide you with a home that sparkles and shines!


Do I need to be home?

Most Maid Service Clients Entrust Us With A Key

Maid Service is a luxury to make your life more carefree! Enjoy your time while we attack the grime. It’s a wonderful, magical thing, to leave a dirty house and come home to a crystal clean palace. That’s why most Clients entrust You’ve Got MAIDS with their key. Our keys are encoded with a serial number, and stored in a safe. Your name or address is never on the key. We go to extraordinary measures to protect your home.

Here is how one Client left a key for us. He told us where it would be hidden and instructed us to keep it for future access to his home.


What about my pets?

Pets are happiest and less stressed at home, surrounded by their familiar environment, following a customary routine.Our maids and our HEPA filtered back pack vacuums may disrupt your pets’ routine.We love pets, but truth is some pets don’t love us.If your pet is predisposed to showing aggression when visitors are in your home please alert your local office when you are booking service.

Be sure to advise your local franchise office where your pets hair accumulates, your pet names, & if it is alright to give your pet a treat.The more information you give us, the better chance we have at providing extraordinary service.

Should I tip the maids?


Our maids beam with pride when they make a Customer happy! It puts pep in their step when someone tells the maids “Good Job”, or sends a note. Tipping is also appreciated.

How are the maids trained?

Associate Degree in Maid Service Science


Today’s business world demands that successful house cleaning professionals have a comprehensive knowledge of how to clean a home. The associate degree program in maid service science at Maid University is designed to help you gain a fundamental understanding of residential house cleaning. The objective is to develop well rounded and technically competent graduates through socially relevant course work, options in specific house cleaning specialties, as well as the opportunity to build superior sanitization skills.

Career Opportunities

Our associate degree program in maid service science is an opportunity to gain valuable career experience through a paid internship. Once completed, you earn an Associates Degree in Maid Service Sciences (A.M.S.S.) at your local You’ve Got MAIDS® franchise and you’ll earn a raise. A few more advanced classes and you can earn our Bachelor of Clean (B.C.) degree qualifying you for higher compensation and the opportunity to compete for a supervisory position. Beyond that our managers are franchise partner material. At You’ve Got MAIDS® you have the opportunity to one day own your own maid service franchise!

Admission Requirements

  • You must be able to pass a thorough criminal background search.
  • You must be able to pass an illegal drug screening.
  • You must possess a desire to serve others.

Associates Degree Curriculum

YGM 100: Introduction to You’ve Got MAIDS®

Introduction to the You’ve Got MAIDS® culture for students with no previous house cleaning background. Focuses on describing and reasoning about cleaning processes.

Bathrooms 101

Through the study of basic bathroom cleaning concepts, think critically about modern bathroom sanitizing. Consider questions like: What are the sanitary benefits of using microfiber cleaning cloths in bathrooms? Can mildew really be removed from a shower? Prerequisite: YGM 100

Kitchens 102

Covers tools and techniques used to navigate the complexity of professionally cleaning a kitchen. You will discover why you should never take cleaning granite for granted. Prerequisite: Bathrooms 101

Dusting 103

Covers tools and techniques used to reduce the dust, pet dander, & pollen for clients who may have allergies. You will learn dusting philosophy is the opposite of corporate advancement theory…in business most people start at the bottom and work their way to the top. In dusting it is just the opposite, we start at the top and work to the bottom using various tools and dusting strategies. Prerequisite: Kitchen 102

Vacuuming 104

Covers tools and techniques used to properly clean and maintain wood flooring, laminate floors, ceramic/porcelain tile, Terrazzo, carpeting, area rugs, & even vinyl. The motto of this class is don’t tread on me. Prerequisite: Dusting 103

Do I need to sign a contract?

Do I need to sign a MAID SERVICE CONTRACT? What if I don’t like the MAID SERVICE after the INITIAL HOUSE CLEANING SERVICE? Will I be obligated to allow the MAID SERVICE to keep cleaning my home if they don’t impress me?

You’ve Got MAIDS® believes contracts are for hit-men, and health clubs, and we’re neither. We have a simple agreement that puts the pressure on us to earn your business each and every time.

Are you ready to take You’ve Got MAIDS for a test drive?

Can your maids use my vacuum?


A: YES WE CAN. If you would prefer that we use your vacuum, simply inform the office manager. It’s our pleasure to customize the work order for your home.


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Do you have a senior citizen discount?

Looking for senior discounts on maid service? Each You’ve Got MAIDS office has a senior citizen discount on housekeeping for the asking, but you do have to ask for it at the time of the estimate. Don’t worry if you didn’t because it probable that the estimator noted a senior home owners status and adjusted the price without mentioning it.

After the initial clean, a home with one or two senior citizens is much easier for our maids to maintain than the average home and that is why we can give senior citizens a maid service discount. It’s based in fairness. Call your local office today or click here to initiate an estimate online.

Do I need to supply cleaning products?


You’ve Got MAIDS Clients expect our uniformed housekeepers to bring all the cleaning equipment and supplies. Think about it. If a maid service wanted to skimp on vacuums & cleaning solutions, you have to question the other places they are cutting corners. Like paying payroll taxes to protect you from the IRS. Or paying workers compensation insurance to protect you from personal injury attorneys.

When do I pay? Do you take credit cards?

Payment is due at time of service. It is You’ve Got MAIDS policy to obtain credit card authorization for the initial cleaning and we do keep that information secured in our encrypted computer system. Should you ever forget to leave payment, the card would be charged at the end of day. We accept cash, checks and most credit cards. The majority of our Clients pay with a credit card.

Do you guarantee your house cleaners work?

You’ve Got MAIDS offices Honor the Guarantee. Our guarantee is 100% and we stand by it 100% as well! It doesn’t matter who is wrong, or who is right…we let our Customers be the judge. If you don’t feel it’s clean we will be right out to fix it. It’s just that simple.

Is this profitable? Making your customers happy is always profitable, even if we need to pay out a couple of maid hours recleaning an area some independent maids might argue is already clean. That’s why people hire us…they want a professional relationship. Less ego, less emotions, more results! Please contact your nearest office to learn more about our amazing home cleaning services.

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What if my housekeeper slips inside my home?

Allstate Insurance does a great job pointing out the peril a homeowner places themselves by hiring Mayhem the under the table Craigslist Cleaner. Your homeowners insurance will not cover this fall!

With You’ve Got MAIDS, our Customers have no worries. All of our maids are our employees and covered under our Workers Compensation Insurance. You’ve Got MAIDS insulates our Clients from risk.

Tell me about the Move Out Landlord Guarantee.

Why choose the professional maid service, You’ve Got MAIDS, over an independent maid for your move out clean?

  • #1-Because moving can be stressful.
  • #2-Because You’ve Got MAIDS has engineered move out housekeeping down to a tick.
  • #3-Because When it Absolutely, Positively Has To Be There Overnight® …sorry FedEX, we got carried away.
  • #4-Because you want to deal with a move out maid service with integrity. Maid services with integrity show up when they say they are going to show up and that is important to you as you move out of your home, apartment or condo.

Why choose the professional maid service, You’ve Got MAIDS, over other professional maid services for your move out clean?

  • #1-Because only You’ve Got MAIDS guarantees you get your deposit back, for cleaning related issues. That’s right. If you hire You’ve Got MAIDS for our 52-Point Spring Clean we guarantee your house will be clean. I mean really clean. You can have your landlord call us within 24 hours with any concerns and we will be out to fix it.
  • #2-We keep coming out until your landlord is happy.

Please note, if you put holes in the walls, or burned holes in the rugs you are on your own for those things. However, when it comes to top to bottom cleanliness we guarantee our work. We put our money where our mouth is. Don’t you deserve a move out service like this?

If you need move out maid service please consider You’ve Got Maids. You’ve Got Maids stands for professionalism, integrity and clean, healthy homes.


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What's the maid service cost benefit analysis?


Who pays the house cleaners payroll taxes?

Tax Season Begins

As we enter into the tax season, it’s important to be informed on as much as possible. Missteps, even small ones, can be costly. The Nanny tax can apply to any worker you hire for a service over a certain amount. Make sure your informed of how and what the Nanny Tax is.

green clean supplie

Do you run criminal background checks?

Maid Service Criminal Background Screening

Why should my maid service be bonded?

Choosing a qualified Maid Service is critical to maintaining the safety, security & health of your family & home. Enlightened consumers recognize that Safety & Security need to be the first criteria for hiring a residential cleaning company. Cleaning toilets & showers are important, but they should be further down your pre-qualifying checklist than whether or not your maid service is running criminal background checks on the people who will have access to your home.

Licensed A real company will have met the local governmental requirements to operate a business. This impacts Clients indirectly, as it is more of a tax than anything else. Being licensed validates the company, indicating that the maid service is legally operating in their municipality. If the maid service you are considering is not licensed (this cost $100-$170 a year)…it most doesn’t hasn’t invested in Third Party Bonding or Workers Compensation Insurance either (roughly $15,000 to $30,000 a year).

Bonded There are two kinds of bonding. Bonding is a general liability insurance that also covers dishonest acts. First Party Bonding protects a company from its own employees, and has no value to you, the maid service Customer. Third Party Bonding is the important insurance, as it protects you, the maid service Customer, from the negligence or dishonesty of the maid services employees.

Workers Compensation is the next pre-qualifier that need to be looked into before hiring a professional maid service. 


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What if my maid trips on my sidewalk?

What happens when your independent maids slips and falls outside of your home? It will most likely be a case for the courts. This video highlights a independent maid who had served the same family, one morning a week, for 18 years. If this maid had worked for a legitimate company, her employer would have covered her with workers comp insurance, insulating the homeowner from risk.

How do you differentiate a Independent Contractor from a Domestic Employee? It goes to control. If the homeowner controls the day a independent maid works, her duties on the job, and supplies her with the tools she uses to clean the home, that Independent Maid is really an Employee of that household. Even if she only works a couple of hours a week.

When you have employees, even domestic employees, you need to carry workers compensation insurance because your homeowners insurance will not cover you.

Will I always have the same maids?

Many maid services will promise this to earn your business. We sincerely say that we’ll do our best. We will bend over backward if needed!

It’s our goal is to send you the same house cleaning Supervisor every time. We assign a Supervisor to your account, and this changes only under extraordinary circumstances. It’s Supervisors job to keep you happy with the maids service and ensure that your home is cleaned consistently to your specifications. The turnover amongst our Supervisor is exceptionally low.

Can I hire your maids directly?

If you are searching for a full time domestic maid/housekeeper, please employ us to find the best candidate. You tell us what qualities you require, and we do everything else. We will interview, do background screening, illegal substance screening, a criminal background check, and much more. We have helped many Clients find the right housekeeper.

Our referral fee is $2995.00 or 20% of their 1st years’ salary, whichever is higher for any present or past You’ve Got MAIDS staff member introduced to you by You’ve Got MAIDS for any home-related service.

We’ve invested heavily in attracting, training and retaining quality employees. It would be unfair competition if a Client solicited or employed a past or present You’ve Got MAIDS employee to work for them directly or indirectly in any capacity whatsoever. Our Clients agree that if they break this agreement they will immediately pay us our referral fee plus any other associated costs, including, but not limited to legal fees.

What about my pet's waste?

We love our clients & our house cleaners. Our goal is to provide Great Customer Service…it starts with having the best maids! There is a high turnover in this industry, which goes hand in hand with job dissatisfaction. We want long term relationships with our clients and with our maids. Good relationships require healthy boundaries.

The following policy has as much to do with loving our clients as it does with respecting the dignity of our maids:

For health and sanitary issues, our maids will not handle any type of human or animal waste, or bodily fluids.


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Do you clean windows?

We window wash your front door, French doors and any sliding glass doors in your house. We are insured to hand wash the interior of windows that we can reach. However, if we did more than this our insurance company would drop us.

What is a maid hour?

What is a Maid Hour you ask? Exactly that! Let’s consider 8 maid hours:

it’s 1 lonesome maid for 8 hours,

a terrific team of 2 for 4 hours each,

4 hard working professional maids for 2 hours each,

or 8 healthy housekeepers for 1 hour each.

Our home cleaners aren’t cheaper by the dozen…12 maids would scrub and polish for 40 minutes.


Perhaps you’ve never had professional maid service before and you are not sure what to expect. Maybe you are switching from another professional house cleaning company, and need to discover what differentiates You’ve Got MAIDS®.

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