General House Cleaning

When it comes to house cleaning, there is one thing we know… It is not a one size fits all.  Everyone lives a different lifestyle, has a different size home, and a varying number of people living within their home.  These are just some of the many of factors that have to be taken into consideration when it comes to determining a cost for someone to clean your home as well as establishing an effective schedule for maintaining your home’s cleanliness.

Below is a complete list of our general cleaning services performed for our One Time Cleans or regularly scheduled Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Every 4 Week customers.  We also offer our customers the flexibility to choose selected services they would like performed based on their specific needs and priorities. We are here to serve you, even if you only want to hire us by the hour!

Regardless of how often you choose to have us clean your home, you can be assured that our Maids are well trained, courteous, arrive in a logo’d company car and are in uniform.  In addition each maid that cleans in your home is on our payroll, not sub-contracted, which means they are bonded and insured for both your protection and ours.

What we clean:


✔ Dust light fixtures

✔ Remove high cobwebs
✔ Remove smudges from cabinets & drawers
✔ Counters wiped down
✔ Sink cleaned
✔ Load the dishwasher
✔ Microwave cleaned inside and out
✔ Clean exterior of appliances
✔ Clean stovetop
✔ Wipe down table and chairs
✔ Remove trash, clean and reline trash can
✔ Dust / Vacuum exposed baseboards
✔ Wash floor (vacuum & mop)

✔ Dust Light Fixtures

✔ Remove high cobwebs
✔ Remove smudges from cabinets and drawers
✔ Shower, tile & tub scrubbed / steam cleaned
✔ Sinks & counters scrubbed clean
✔ Fixtures cleaned and shined
✔ Mirrors cleaned
✔ Shower glass cleaned
✔ Toilets scrubbed clean
✔ Remove trash, clean and reline trash can
✔ Baseboards hand washed
✔ Clean & sanitize trash cans
✔ Hand wash floor
✔ Dust ceiling fans
✔ Remove high cobwebs
✔ Dust blinds
✔ Remove smudges from doors
✔ Wipe clean window sills and sashes
✔ Wipe down / dust picture frames
✔ Wipe down / dust mirrors
✔ Straighten up and make beds
✔ Remove trash, clean and reline trash cans
✔ Dust / Vacuum baseboards
✔ Clean / Vacuum floor
✔ Clean light switch covers


✔ Dust ceiling fans

✔ Remove high cobwebs

✔ Dust blinds

✔ Wipe down window sills and sashes

✔ Remove smudges from doors and light switches

✔ Dust picture frames and knick knacks

✔ Wipe down mirrors

✔ Dust furniture

✔ Vacuum upholstered furniture (optional)

✔ Wipe down washer / dryer exterior

✔ Clean glass on front door / french or sliding glass doors

✔ Clean sliding glass door tracks

✔ Light straighten up

✔ Remove trash, clean and reline trash cans

✔ Dust / Vacuum exposed baseboards

✔ Dust banisters / railings

✔ Vacuum steps

✔ Vacuum / Mop floors

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