Tile Floor Cleaning & Maintenance

Have your tile floors lost their shine?  We can bring them back to look like new. We offer Commercial floor cleaning services for all types of Tile and Concrete Floor surfaces.  Our services include Scrubbing, Stripping, Waxing, Grout Cleaning and Buffing.

VCT Tile

VCT tile is the most commonly used flooring product in commercial and retail high traffic locations lasting for many years if it is properly maintained.  The steps for maintaining this type of flooring requires periodic stripping and waxing of the floor surface.

You’ve Got MAIDS of Quakertown has the equipment and knoledge to perform the steps required to keep your floors looking like new.  The process used starts with applying the appropriate amount of floor stripper and using an aggressive stripping pad to remove the old wax and dirt build up. The next step is rinsing the floor thoroughly.  Finally, applying the new wax in thin multiple layers to bring the floor to a beautiful shine.

Maintaining that beautiful shine on you VCT in between stripping and waxing is a simple procedure of spray buffing.  It adds luster while removing scuff marks, making your floors look remarkably clean and shiny.

Concrete Flooring  / Ceramic Tile & Grout

You’ve Got MAIDS also maintains the new finished concrete floors used in many new commercial retail environments.  Maintaing this flooring requires using our “Auto Scrubber” machine.  Using the proper accessories with the proper chemical solution will deep clean the floor surface and return it to its natural luster.

We also use the “Auto Scrubber” machine with specialty cleaning products to clean all types of ceramic tile, stone and grout for a deep clean that will have both your tile flooring and grout looking like new.

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